My teaching has changed quite a bit over the years and, most recently, COVID has forced some of those changes. The most recent iterations of my teaching evaluations show how my students have responded to my attempts to create courses that rest on the model of resilient teaching.

Professor Barlow made this semester possible for me. Her enthusiasm and engagement was reassuring and helpful when I was overly concerned about my performance. She was always available in class and outside and very flexible. Her pomodoro style of task completion was super effective and useful for lessening out-of-class workload.

Student in WRCT 200 @ wesleyan University | Spring 2023

I love how you give us time to get things done in class. It helps us destress about assignments that are important but teaches us not to take to much time on a subject.

student in wrct 200 @ wesleyan university | spring 2023

The class’ greatest advantage, in my opinion, is that Rachael has designed it to play a supporting role in students’ schedules. This means it does away with the normal amounts of academic stress that come with balancing multiple due dates and hard deadlines. Students can move at their own pace in this class, and as long as they have a cohesive final product, they can get something great out of the experience.

student in wrct 300 @ wesleyan university | spring 2023

College is hard and sometimes we need to take time for ourselves and have a really hard time making that decision. Knowing that I wouldn’t fall behind in your class because you have the summary email and the videos on your website AND a very open schedule AND catch up days just made my life SOO much easier. Never change xoxo

student in wrct 300 @ wesleyan university | spring 2023